Learning Environment and Academics

Student/players at The Football College undertake the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports performance and Excellence (2 years), or the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence (one year).

Both qualifications take various elements from across the spectrum of the Sports Industry allowing students to sample several potential career pathways before they seek either employment or commit to a University Degree as the BTEC is equivalent to 3 x A Levels). Elements include areas such as Coaching, Sports Business, Physiology, Analysis and many more.

The learning environment is a key aspect of the experience we offer. The Education Campus sits within the heart of the professional football stadium providing a truly unique learning experience for every player/student. With smaller class sizes than you would experience in a main site College Campus you will receive a greater level of 1-1 support and grow much more quickly into your environment.

​​"The College tutors are excellent and continually encourage and push my son. I have friends whose children go to other local colleges and they are amazed at how much feedback and parental consultation/involvement there is at The Football College."
"My son is in his second year at The Football College (Bury FC), they have been excellent at giving parental feedback either of written mid-term reports or through verbal feedback at parent evenings. I am regularly updated on his academic achievement, his attitude to learning and his football progress."

"The correct choice was made when my son and ourselves decided that he should the The Football College at Bury FC. He is thriving and will hopefully continue to do so in an excellent environment."

"Phone calls and emails are always replied to promptly. I am glad my son chose The Football CollegeĀ and I would recommend it to anyone."